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About Masaki Ryu Nakajima-ha

The Power of "10,000 People"

Training with Nakajima-sensei in Japan, July 2019.
Training with Nakajima-sensei in Japan, July 2019.


Masaki-ryu preserves and trains in classical Japanese martial arts including manrikigusari (short chain), kusarigama (chain and sickle), Oniwaban, Maruhoshi, and Jutte torinawa (arresting truncheon and cord). The school draws its lineage back to Masaki Toshimitsu, martial arts instructor to the Toda clan in the Mino province, Ogaki domain during the Edo period.

Beat the Grass and Surprise the Snake.

Authorized Learning

We are currently the only school in Canada authorized to instruct Masaki-ryu. If you are interested in learning Masaki-ryu, please get in touch. Please note that Masaki-ryu is only taught in person. There are various ways this can be accomplished, please ask about the opportunities!



Masaki-ryu Nakajima Ha – Canada Keikokai

Mr. Tom (from Calgary) and Nakajima-sensei
Class Schedule
Friday 6:30 pm - 8:30 PM
Private Class On Request

Very old Traditions

“I love Masaki-ryu. The way Nakajima-sensei brings the martial art to live is extraordinary. We study a variety of weapons as well as restraining techniques, combined with locks, kicks, punches, and escapes.“

Masaki-ryu Nakajima-ha places Masaki Tarodayu Toshimitsu, a samurai and martial arts master of Mino Ogaki (fief of the Toda clan: present-day Gifu prefecture) nearly 300 years ago as its original founder, and was founded by Nakajima Michio-Soke, a senior practitioner under Nawa Yumio-Soke at Nawa-Soke’s instruction in the 1990s. (Photo - Masaki Toshimitsu, founder of Masaki Ryu).

Yes, but let's talk about that in person.

Novice practitioners start training in a regular karate uniform ($70). After a few months, they can upgrade to what is known as a Iaido uniform: a hakama and keikogi ($120 - $200).


Body Conditioning








Frequently Asked About Training

The monthly cost to participate in training sessions is a flat fee of $55. This includes unlimited sessions on the Friday, as well as additional training sessions online when available.

Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu use weapons that can be used to harm others. Since our school is a member of the Saskatchewan Martial Arts Association, we follow their guidelines for safe training.

Yes, as long as individuals have a clear criminal record, the following is irrelevant: physical condition, gender, age. So anyone is welcome as the training is adapted to your level of development.

Training Demonstration

Below is old footage with Nawa-sensei and various senior Masaki-ryu students.